The Finite Project

Creative Inspiration 1


Creative Inspiration 1

Here’s the start of another little series I’ll be sharing every few weeks. I’ve received a ton of questions in the past regarding my inspirations, and since they fluctuate so frequently, I figured creating an ongoing series would be the best way to talk about what captivates me. I’d like to talk about music, books, paintings, design, destinations, etc, but if you have any other suggestions or things you’d like to hear my take on, don’t hesitate to let me know. I hope you enjoy!


Short Films

This little doc about Lars was the first video I ever added to my Vimeo offline playlist. It’s kept me company on more flights and bus rides than I can count, and to this day serves as a reminder to appreciate the dynamic nature of nature. It has been a shove out the door when I didn’t want to get out of bed, and even when the conditions aren’t to my liking, I remember the beauty that can be found within the most violent of storms.


The legend himself, doing something I think most of us dream about. This video, similar to the last one, sits in my YouTube watch-later playlist, even though I’ve watched it at least ten times. Photography road-trips are what started everything for me, so this video hits home. Jason Lee’s work is pure and beautiful, but even if it’s not your cup of tea, I think just about anyone can understand the appeal of a good old-fashioned road-trip.


If I could, I would inject this video into my bloodstream. Everything about it is perfect to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve watched it fifty times. I go back to this video every time I get stressed out about making my own videos. Making something compelling doesn’t rely solely on fancy camera movements or trendy transitions, and without good composition, you have nothing. I like when my videos feel like moving versions of my photography, and this video takes that a step further. I love it. Also the music gets me every time.



Classic & Modern Photographers

Steve McCurry

Obviously. We’ve all seen the work of Steve McCurry, so I won’t dwell. His images remind me of why I travel. They remind me to pull back the curtain and look at the world from more than one perspective. With such a remarkable body of work, spanning so many decades, in this field, Steve is someone so many of us rightly look up to.


Finn Beales

Finn’s work, especially his commercial work, is a constant reminder of how much better my own work could be if I focused more on pre-production. I’m not sure what his process is like, but the depth of every photo he showcases is staggering, so I can’t imagine he’s the guy to “wing-it” all that often. His ability to tell a story is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. As far as my freelance work is concerned, Finn is my biggest inspiration.


Saul Leiter

Color, framing, negative space. Saul Leiter was a master, and there’s too much more to say, so I won’t say any more.


Dylan Gordon

I first discovered Dylan through his connection with the brand Roark Revival (also highly personally inspiring). His ability to capture movement and action brings his photography to life, making his work something to be felt more than seen. Dylan is somehow able to bring the viewer along for the ride in his photos, and that’s something not many photographers can achieve.


I’m excited to dive deeper into what inspires me, but I’d also love to hear what inspires you! Send me an email if there’s an album you have on repeat, a director you really love, or even just taco shops you frequent. Mostly the last one though. Please.

- Zach