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Strasbourg, France.
November 2018

For the month of November in 2018, my wife Allie and I rented a little place in Strasbourg, right off of Rue Sainte-Hélène near Petite France. Just around the corner was our favorite cafe, our favorite bakery, and our favorite little piece of the riverside. Somewhere along the way was this shop. I’m sure you can find it if you follow the pillars in the reflection. Anyway, on so many of our walks to and from the bakery, I’d peer into this window, looking tirelessly for a composition. If you saw all my failed attempts, you’d see the issue- there were always cars lining the street. So I’d go to take the photo, and popping out through the reflection would always be an eye-sore of a car. It drove me crazy. The day finally came when the street was clear, the traffic had passed, and as luck would have it, the cyclist rolled right down the middle, and I took the shot. This photo is something like a silent favorite for me. It doesn’t stand out as much as a few others, but it always makes me so happy when I see it. To finally see this photo in print is so incredibly exciting. The colors came out exactly as I’d hoped, and the depth is so much more captivating than the digital version. This one means a lot to me.

Sizes: 16x20 / 30x40
Full Bleed / Border

Product Details:
Printed on Archival Matte Paper – an FSC-certified, acid-free paper with a smooth, neutral-white finish. The premium inkjet printing creates a gallery-like quality.

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